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vacuum table for the cleaning of textiles

Cleaning of textiles

Textiles may be cleaned by means of one of the different cleaning apparatus in our laboratory. Taking into account the level of soiling and the size of the object, we can select an inclined support, the washing table, the vacuum suction table or the automated installation. Textiles can be solvent cleaned (dry cleaning) or wet cleaned (aqueous treatment).
Whatever the method used, the object is always cleaned lying flat in order to avoid any possible distortion.
The vacuum table is the ideal apparatus for small scale textiles as a range and choice of treatments are possible :

  • by using the vacuum suction particulate soil removal, drying, extraction of water or humidity, maintaining the object in position are made possible by a continuous and overall suction; a spray attachment linked to a dosing pump enables the humidification, the cleaning and rinsing of the object. The concentration of the surfactant or other additive is automatically adjusted according to the deionized water flow. The vacuum suction can also be used for solvent cleaning.
  • a plastic film, inflated by blown air, transforms the system into a chamber : it is thereby possible to work with solvent vapors, to soften adhesives for example, or with water vapor to progressively humidify a very fragile textile.
  • finally, by using the tank it is transformed into a standard bath table, almost, as the screen on which the object is placed can be moved vertically.

view an example of wet cleaning before and after

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