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cleaning of a rug

Cleaning of carpets and rugs

The technique used for the cleaning of carpets depends on several parameters that are evaluated in our studios : the condition of the object, the degree of soiling, the nature of the fibres present in the object, the risk of dye bleeding, size…
The cleaning treatment can be aqueous or by means of a solvent (dry cleaning). Dry cleaning is generally preferred for the cleaning of silk carpets or for those that present a significant risk of dye bleeding.
During a wet or aqueous cleaning treatment, the carpet is cleaned by vacuum suction to remove any particulate soiling and is then placed on a slightly inclined floor and cleaned with a soft rotating brush; a neutral detergent is added to the washing solution, along with a very small amount of additive which prevents any possible bleeding of the dyes.
The carpet is then repeatedly rinsed, the water extracted and placed in a drying chamber specifically designed to rapidly dry the object. Finally, the carpet is rolled and covered to then be stored awaiting its delivery.

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