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Chevalier Conservation has a number of services that it offers to institutions and professionals in particular. Please contact us by telephone or by email for our rates.

Assessment of a textile collection

The aim of this service is to provide the client with a global and precise view of a group or collection of objects, a scientific and sanitary assessment, to determine the conservation measures necessary for their treatment. It consists of a succession of actions : selection, identification, inventory, numbering, condition reports, surface cleaning, photographic documentation, packing/storage...

Mounting for exhibition

In order to present and hang textiles of all types, it is necessary to anticipate and to realise a hanging mechanism adapted to the object in question : the stitching of a Velcro fastener or a magnetic strip, choice and conception of a three dimensional support, putting in shape and support of costumes using dummies.

Hire of equipment

The use of the vacuum cleaning table, the large scale washing table (bath) and the large scale glass table are offered on hire to our colleagues in the conservation and restoration profession.

Tapestry database

Our tapestry database, equipped with a search engine and holding over 1300 photographs of tapestries, may be a precious tool for conservators : the informations provided include provenance, epoque, dimensions, title, tenture...

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